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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 27, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> here in the french capital, the headlines. russian opposition leader, navalny, is behind bars after leaving a -- leading a series of anti-corruption protests. dam, assafety of a u.s.-backed forces pause their offenses. a war of words. the turks in europe casting in the referendum. anchor atgns for loggerheads.
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>> thanks for joining us. alexei navalny, russian opposition leader, has been for 15 days. the 40-year-old was arrested on walked to a protest in moscow, after organizing a anti-corruption demonstrations. reporter: after spending a night in custody, alexei navalny appeared at a court in moscow where he was sentenced to 15 for disobeying the police officer at an anti-corruption demonstration. the 40-year-old has also been ordered to pay a fine of 20,000 rubles or about 350 euros for massole in organizing the rallies, held across russia on sunday. >> i think yesterday's events are quite that there
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a large number of voters in russia who support the program candidate who speaks up against corruption. these people demand political representation and i strive to the political representative for them. that's why i have the right to run for office. reporter: navalny left the court they will appeal the verdict. most of those arrested for freed's rallies have been from custody. they have demanded the immediate release of those who remain in detention, but the kremlin has rejected the cause and accused of encouraging the people to break the law. in a statement, an e.u. russianrson said the police action had prevented of expression and peaceful assembly, which are fundamental rights enshrined in the russian constitution. the u.s. state department has also condemned the arrests as an
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affront to democracy. aree public gatherings allowed in russia, authorities frequently refuse to grant permission for anti--kremlin rallies. were the largest scene since 200 2011, over allegations rigged in had been elections.ry >> elsewhere, u.s.-backed forces in northern syria say they're a majoroperations near dam held by the i.s. state, amid reports over whether -- due to concerns over flooding. after syrian democratic forces captured a strategically important air base. their first major victory since u.s. troops -- >> there's no imminent danger to
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the dam unless the jihadists plan to destroy it. that was the message from the u.s.-backed syrian democratic forces which has released these aerial images of what it says is dam. this came after both the syrian government and the islamic state syria'st the group said largest dam was at risk of collapse, which could lead to flooding. last month, the u.n. warned the consequences of this could be catastrophic for the surrounding population. they said it sent in engineers to check the state of the dam and they found no damage or malfunction. >> we've used every means to protect the dam. and we continue to work on that. everything that's been said about the druption of the dam -- the dam is just propaganda. they used light weapons, so as damage to it. reporter: the euphrates dam is
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still partly in the hands of the jihadists. just north of the town, kilometers west of raka. fdf, dominated by bythe militia, said it captured the air base. >> turks in europe have begun in a controversial referendum on changing their constitution that powers.erdogan's they have seen erdogan accusing of nazi leaders methods, after they banned some campaign rallies. to some three million people of turkish background. reporter: these early votes could be crucial to the outcome of the referendum.
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they're being cast by the turkish exee million expatriates registered to vote, on whether or not to back the expand thech will president's powers. turkish republic and we will say yes all the way to the end. we are here to support the stability of our country. >> based on the current voteical situation, i will no for my country, because i love it, for the future, for my grandchildren and for all the children in turkey. reporter: hauling stations have also opens elsewhere, including belgium, france as well as at border gates. >> turk is going through a -- turkey is going through a tough time, especially in terms of tourism. hope the results will be good for everyone.
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oforter: it comes at a time strained tensions between anchor european leaders, much related to the referendum. turkish president rejected was aftererdogan -- it local authorities in the two countries cancelled several pro-erdogan rallies. over the weekend, the german minister said erdogan's destroyedas willfully the integration that's grown over the years in germany and repairing this damage will take time. turks living abroad will be able to vote for the next two weeks. april 16, the roughly 52 million registered voters in their chance to cost their ballot. >> angela merkel, after a clear questionede democrats -- the win coming
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despite predictions. polls had shown that their sincerity increasing former european parliament became theirultz leader. germany votes in september. elections in bulgaria, where there's been a partial success for the pro-e.u. right party. they now face the difficult task of coalition building, after a theng showing by pro-russian social itself party, the anti-migrant united patriots, amid growing in the now, under a month until france votes in one of its most unpredictable elections in years, with far right leader independentn and centrist emmanuel macron ahead in the polls, established parties suffering. center right contender francois
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fillon has been hit by a series scandals. losingle, amor has been ground from his rival on the left. here's more. reporter: a new slogan, the force of the people. a campaign rally sunday in brittany, french presidential candidate unveiled slogan.sloa >> this is a strong campaign. he's the only serious candidate running. >> i'm waiting for the -- to make a decision, even if i am leaning that way. reporter: according to the campaign, some 5,000 people came to here the 65-year-old speak two hours. outside, the campaign says there were just as many supporters. candidatese for the who says he's ready to go all the way.
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asked, what is your objective? excuse me? i'm a candidate in an election. what's my objective? to win! is nowr: polls show he in fourth place. others.ahead of the they say they're surfing on a wave of momentum, thanks in part to a strong showing during the first presidential debate. another positive sign for the divisions within the socialist party. last week, the defense minister socialist heavyweight came out to publicly support andrist, emmanuel macron, not his own party's candidate. he was joining other socialist who also ditched him, saying his campaign policies are leftist. proclaimed a stab in the back, such divisions may hurt his all the moreving room for him to move up in the polls. joinedmore on this, i'm
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now. how far do you see this going? >> good evening. itl, if there is a surge, will have to be in the polls, of course. time being.for the he's made some gains, notably debateng a very good last monday. but i think essentially the losses are losses to macron. that's in fact traditionalist socialist voters who, for tactical reasons, seem to be support menchon. so the gains made remain quite so when once talks about a surge, i think it's a limited surge. overall, one should say that the total remains at a low, around 26, 28%, which is amazingly low. but thee in fact who -- the
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main thing still to assess and a significantat fraction of socialist voters moving toto be macron, so menchon might be in a position, but there's still some way to go to catch others. is all --k all that not very important in the end. what matters in the french presidential election is to round. for the second only the first two candidates in through.ound can go so they're still very far thend, if one believes current polls. >> and in terms of that second round, all the polls at the likely to bet it's the centrist, emmanuel macron, against the far right, marine le pen. do you see that as inevitable, or are the polls going to be... a political scientist, i have, of course, to be cautious
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caution on the part of anyone serving and commenting on it's beenion, because an election full of upsets. this being said, yes, it seems candidates seem largely ahead, which doesn't mean that they are extremely rock-solid candidates. you know, le pen remains someone large majority of french people wouldn't want as he'sdent, as for macron, totally untested. polls, that, looking at that sort of -- the basis of his remains quite weak. a lot of undecided people who seem to have rallied around him for the time being. there could still be changes. very likely for a number of reasons, the two left wing are too far and let's remember, a couple of months ago, the favorite to win altogether, now is a complete lame duck, due to all
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the corruption allegations against him. >> and the party socialist and party -- they've been called other things in the past. the frenchinated politics for decades. is that now over? >> too early to say. clearly, the two main been in power,ho have socialists and the main they've had party, different names over the years. redefinedey will be and will be totally transformed election.this because if it's a macron macron, for instance, will need to govern with bits of parties from the left and right, therobably will turn to left or to the right, probably the socialist party, if i what goes correctly on at the moment. that's therse, if
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case, the socialist party might implode. for the otheroes party. how this party could stay together, because of course sort of -- they are sort of very quick to jump and criticize fillon for, you resigning forof the sake of his party. >> thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. bye-bye. american's south territory has been hit by a series of protests over high crime and the cost of living. angry. unrest. warning. here's more. is what theis biggest city in french guiana like at rush hour. 37 unions, representing began at causes, general strike across the region. they've joined forces to send a
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to mainland france. agingup with the infrastructure, high crime, the cost of living, employment and services,h care they're calling for paris not to forget the former colony. >> actually, it's a fundamental right, such as health care, training, transportation and are the rightse of our people. our people don't have access to these rights. reporter: the government sends a delegation of experts to unions.e with the but the collective of 500 groupss, one of the leading the protest, said they won't start talks until an tripl minister makes the to the french territory in south america. themmediate arrival of prime minister and ministers of the interior, justice, economy and health, we don't need anyone us.ecture we don't want to negotiate with you.
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reporter: the prime minister isn't planning to fly to french announced he's sending a delegation which will include ministers by the end of this week. >> there's still a lot to do to french guiana. that was the president's will when he promised to launch a p.a.c. for the future. a minister's delegation will head there, before the end of to complete negotiations. hasrter: the prime minister conditions, though. he says protesters must show restraint and respect. otherwise, the visit will be cancelled altogether. >> a big advance in the knowledge of the dinosaurs. paleontologists, braving sharks, to identify 21 different types of dinosaur
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tracks, ththat in the coaststal region known as jurassic park. rereporter: it's's a discovery globallys are calling unparalleled. 21 different sorts of dinosaur on as have been found stretch of the coastline in the remote region of western australia. runs 25 kilometers along the peninsula coastline and has been dubbed australia's jurassic park. sharks,logists braved crocodiles, massive tides and the threat of development to unveil their findings. the lead author says his teaeam were invited to the area by the aboriginal custodians. >> that pretty much gives us a australia's dinosaurs from a period of time where other fossils. it includes things like some of dinosaurs to have ever walked the planet, gigantics. up to 1.7.racks
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so animals that we probably have dreamed of, in australia, had we not found their tracks and recorded them. reporter: the scientists dedicated more than 400 hours to investigating and documenting tracks and they say it's the most diverse discovery in the world. tracksifically, the represent the -- or show the the creation called... left behind tracks that now we recognize of the tracks of the dinosaurs. wereter: the prints unearthed among rocks dating back 140 million years. unprecedented discovevery for the continent where most fossils its previously found on eastern side. >> meanwhile, in germany hunt is on for a gold coin worth 400 euros. it's gone missing from a museum. saying thieves apparently managed to enter the building
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through a window and remove the bullet-proofind a casing. you can see the coin there. the british queen elizabeth on it. it's unlikely to turn up by chance in your spare change, however. it's got a diameter of 53 weighs in at 100 kilos. seems like a good place to introduce business. starting off with... >> more tax evasion allegations. anti-poverty and looked at biggest lunars that they paid a combined zero on more million euros of profits. that predates last year's panama under which banks came under heavy scrutiny. theoke to the author of report. she said progress has been made since the panama paper scandal needed. reforms are ago, it was years hard to see these practices.
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now we are pointing a finger at them. we're talking about them altogether. still, you know -- it's always a story of the glass half full, half empty. we're moving forward. thanks to transparency requirements that those are new for the banking sector. so now they will be under even hopefully theynd will also be held accountable by citizens like us. so that by states, their practices will change in the near future. >> and we're talking about practices. there's a difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. are we speaking about when we're looking at europe's 20 largest lenders? to make thertant distinction, because most of what we're talking about is tax is legal. which it mightht be vas -- be tax evasion for the clients, panamae seen in the paper scandal. it's kind of -- on one hand, for
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themselves, but also for their clients. mostly what we're talking about is tax avoidance. that makes it even more difficult to, you know, put a them. on it also shows, once more, that we need political reform if one to end these practices. >> but the cynic in me wants to not illegal, why are the banks going to change their business practices? immoral.e it's you know how much a country like france is losing because of tax dodging or tax avoidance. it's between 60 and 80 billion. of the the budget education minister. so, you know, at the time of the presidential elections in france, where all candidates are all talking about, how are we measures?und those well, actually, tax avoidance billions of euros. the solution is to cut their in public services,
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other taxes such as vat, which is unfair taxes. well, it might not be illegal, but it's very immoral and we are all paying the price for it. >> over the weekend, a joint opec and non-opec producers agreed to review globl p.a.c. to limit supplies for oil should be ex extended another six months. kuwaiti oil minister spoke. >> we agreed to ask the other countries for greater respect for the deal next month. to give more importance to the agreement. shipping to the united states and europe. and we will reduce it further, areuse our interests greater, and the countries of eastern asia, than in the united
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and in europe. >> not having too much effect on the markets. investors looking more closely trump's failed health care overhaul. that's leading to doubts whether pushed plan will be forward. 1/4.q, up the dow jones down about the same amount. as well.own in the red earlier in europe, stocks in the stocks ending down .5%. >> well, it's the last days may triggersa article 15. they are still trying to figure to clear what is sure to be a hurdle. they are marketing their "made in england."
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reporter: made in england. companies are betting those three words will help them prosper, even as the u.k. moves forward with its brexit plan. cable ware brands, wedgewood agree. people what i've heard, were reluctant to buy the product if it's not got the england." we've had things made in factories, different countries abroad. still think the more prestigious products are made here. reporter: about 27% of the british economy relies on services. goods and and almost half of all exports head to the e.u. a report to by barkley's bank, aeat britain is seen as quality buyer, which means they're willing to pay as much for british products. brand experts say companies can
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turn brexit into a business opportunity. >> in times of flux, i think back to andrs go cling very strongly to sections very highs being quality, very reliable, that there's a certain confidence in what value those products will deliver. that's a very positive thing. that always comes back to that britain" stamp. it's very reassuring to consumers. reporter: the british government on that as well, creating the exporting is great helping british firms connect with overseas buyers and online retailers. >> finally, because of brexit, resurgencein see a of bootleggers? the u.k.'s association uncorking saying if brexit talks don't achieve borders, it resurgence of the alcohol smugglers. every year, britain imports ofut one billion bottles wine from the e.u. and the association says that once the u.k. leaves the customs
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be subjectrts could to delays, leaving those who and thirsty.ted >> potential consequences are frightening. much.qéa very
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